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Frequently asked questions about compilers.

  • Flip&Click PA29 and PC26 pin assignment

    If you are using Flip&Click (Arduino Duo) mikroBUS B chip select (CS pin) for SPI and you have problem, try to set it as: #define mikroBUS_B_CS 87 That pin assigment can be used for A29 or C26. For mo...

  • IDE freezes when using Replace more than once

    IDE freezes when you are using Replace (Ctrl + R) if the caret is not in field of view, please take a look at this thread in order to see how to avoid such behavior:

  • How to create a new project without closing last edited?

    Deselecting the ‘Restore Last Opened Project’ will allow you to create new project without need to close other project on which you have worked before. That way the new created project will not affect...

  • Comments on another language in the code

    MikroIDE doesn't support Unicode. If you have written comments on another language (for example on Greek), and you had encountered some strange letters once you open the project in mikroE compilers, y...