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50 in 50 with Microchip– Everything you need is just a click away
Posted by Lana Vulic on 08 March 2017 05:33 PM

In the next 50 days, Microchip will add one click board™ per day to their quick-start library for MCC, the Code Configurator. Starting from today you can join in on the excitement. Visit the Microchip 50 in 50 page, and take a look at what is happening during this first week.

With MCC and our click boards™ you’ll be developing with ease. It’s clear to everyone that our click boards™ are the standard for embedded developers around the world.

MCC or MPLAB® Code Configurator from Microchip

The award-winning MPLAB® Code Configurator or MCC is a free software plugin for MPLAB X and MPLAB Xpress Integrated Development Environments. It generates easily modifiable, production-ready application code for many 8- and 16-bit PIC MCUs in just a few mouse clicks.

The MCC plugin gives you a clear and simple graphical interface to configure peripherals and functions specific to the application you are building.

You’ll save so much time, you’ll probably get a new hobby.

Week one

The first week brings us the popular Alcohol click, and seven other sensor clicks boards™. If you are planning to add sensors to your project while you are using a Microchip development board, this is the perfect time to start following the campaign.

The mikroBUS™ socket and Microchip development boards

So far Microchip has 11 development boards that support the mikroBUS™ standard. The MPLAB Xpress evaluation board is one of them. The Drag-and-Drop programming feature makes it compatible with almost any USB-connected PC, laptop or tablet.

Of course, we’ll keep you updated as the days go by. So stay tuned.

Yours Sincerely,

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mikroBUS™ sockets, click boards™ and clicker boards in an IoT Kit
Posted by Lana Vulic on 21 February 2017 01:44 PM

Put three click boards™ in a box, two clicker boards, two mikroBUS™ sockets, and a development board — sounds like a recipe for a MikroElektronika IoT party.

The Creator Ci40 Kit is intended for IoT Cloud computing kind of projects. So, without further ado, here is what the kit contains:

mikroBUS™ socket revolution

The mikroBUS™ socket is now on more than 30 development boards. Once something as practical and simple as this gains momentum there’s no stopping it.

And with the number of click boards™ increasing every day, adding new functionality to your project has never been so easy.

The Creator Ci40 board carries two mikroBUS™ sockets. Of course, since it is designed for the IoT world it has low power consumption.

click boards™ in the kit

If you use the three click boards™ in the kit, you’ll have a relay, a temperature sensor, and a motion sensor. How you combine and use them is up to you and your desires. But this doesn’t mean you can’t add other click boards™ of your choice.

BLE2 click carries an RN4020 module from Microchip and it will seamlessly add Bluetooth Low Energy to your device.

UV click will let you know if the levels of ultraviolet radiation are too high, and RTC 6 click will help you keep track of time.

Take a look at our click boards™ range in the shop, and choose something that suits you and your future project the most.

Yours Sincerely,

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thingSoC adds mikroBUS™
Posted by Lana Vulic on 30 January 2017 04:58 PM

Use mikroBUS™ click boards and the Grove ecosystem to create amazing projects.

The mikroBUS standard is being added to development boards and systems more and more every day. Microchip added a mikroBUS™ socket to their Curiosity board a couple of years ago. NXP added it as well, Infineon and many more.

You can check out this Learn article to see all the development boards with the mikroBUSstandard.

With thingSoC Grovey open source platform, you can connect systems that were previously incompatible, and create amazing IoT projects.

What is thingSoC?

thingSoC is a vendor-neutral, open source standard intended for the IoT world. With an agnostic socket standard like this, you have the freedom to use different development systems and peripherals.

Build an IoT of your dreams

Since we have such a wide selection to choose from, you can use it for any project you can come up with. Just think of it, anything from wireless communication to motor control click boards™.

Check out our click board™ range for inspiration

Did you know we have six different Bluetooth click boards™? From BT Audio click for streaming audio over a Bluetooth connection with 10m range, to BLE 3 click that features the u-blox NINA-B1 Bluetooth 4.2 module.

BT Audio clickOLED switch click

How about the OLED Switch click? If you are making an HMI device this click will allow you to add both an LED screen and a button, in one.






Yours Sincerely,

The post thingSoC adds mikroBUS™ appeared first on MikroElektronika.

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