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clicker 2 for PIC18FK tutorial and review
Posted by Lana Vulic on 09 August 2017 12:36 PM is always a great source of information. Teodor, who runs the blog, keeps posting tutorials that are easy to follow and useful. Today we wanted to share one with you.

A couple of days ago he posted a new one, on how to program the clicker 2 for PIC18KF in Microchip’s MPLAB Xpress IDE. Since the PIC18F67K40 onboard this clicker 2 development board is supported in the MPLAB Code Configurator, Teodor has decided to try to put these two to work together.

You may remember the MPLAB Code Configurator from the 50 clicks in 50 days campaign we had with Microchip this spring when they started adding click boards™ to their quick-start software libraries.

Read the whole tutorial and find out what are the proper settings, what code you need for simple LED blinking and why Teodor really likes the clicker 2 for PIC18FK.


By the end of the post, you can see a comparison of clicker 2 for PIC18FK and its predecessor clicker 2 for PIC18FJ.

A major difference is the presence of the USB-UART chip on the Clicker 2 for PIC18FK. In my opinion, this makes for a simpler way to communicate with the PC, using only a simple terminal program.

Read on and find out what Teodor thinks about our shields and the Buggy.

For more information about the clicker 2 for PIC18FK visit the product page.

Yours sincerely,

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New release of the ARM compilers with MSP432 toolchain
Posted by Lana Vulic on 09 March 2017 05:02 PM

This turns out to be a day packed with excitement. The new release of the ARM compilers is here, which gets mikroC, mikroBasic and mikroPascal for ARM to version 5.0.0. Along with the update, we have the MSP432 toolchain release – clicker and clicker 2 for MSP432, as well as the mikroProg™ for MSP432.

This particular release is about adding support for Texas Instrument’s ARM® Cortex-M4® SimpleLink™ MSP432 MCUs.

You can get the updated version by clicking on the “Download” button on the compiler product page.

MSP432 clicker and clicker 2

Clicker and clicker 2 for MSP432 are compact development boards, here to make your life easier. Both carry the MSP432P401R MCU from Texas Instruments, 256KB of Flash Main Memory, 64KB of SRAM.

Like all the previous clickers, each board has a battery connector, a power switch and pinouts lining the board for additional electronics.

If adding click boards™ is not enough for your project, you can always add mikromedia shields to the clicker 2 for MSP432.

mikroProg™ for MSP432

We come full circle with the mikroProg™ – debug these newly supported chips in style.

You can always rely on our help while you’re developing, we offer free product lifetime technical support.

Yours Sincerely,

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Microchip has a new 32-bit microcontroller with easy-to-use encryption – CEC1702. Our two newly released clickers are supporting it.

CEC1702 clicker is a compact starter board for click board™ connectivity, carrying Microchip’s CEC1702.

Clicker 2 for CEC1702 carries two mikroBUS™ sockets, and in case you need additional components there are 2×26 connection pads lining the edges.

Both clickers have the standard features: an ON/OFF switch, reset button, LED indicators, and a li-polymer battery connector.

CEC1702 microcontroller

Microchip’s CEC1702 is a full-featured ARM® Cortex®-M4-based microcontroller with a complete hardware cryptography-enabled solution in a single package.

All the amazing combinations

With two mikroBUS™ sockets and 270 click boards™ in our shop, you can make more than 36000 combinations. Since our click board™ range is constantly growing, you’ll have even more possibilities as time goes by.

If the number of combinations overwhelms you, start with the main functionality on your project, for example – add WiFi communication with WiFi PLUS click and choose a display later.

For more detailed information about the clicker and clicker 2 for CEC1702 see the product page and the manuals.

Yours Sincerely,

The post From idea to prototype in no time – clicker and clicker 2 for CEC1702 are out appeared first on MikroElektronika.

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