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Installing older versions of compilers

If you ever need, for whatever reason it may be, an older version of a compiler, then this is how you can get it.

When you go to our SITE and select any of the compilers you wish to download, yo can only download the latest version.

However, older versions of compilers are still kept on the server, so you can still download an older one if you need to.

For example, the link for our PIC compiler is the following:

The version in this link states that the compiler version is 7.1.0

If you wish to download an older version, just change the number to the desired version.

So, if you want to download version 6.6.3 all you have to do is write number 663 instead of 710.

So, your link would now look like this:

This works for most of the older versions. However, bear in mind that some of them have been removed from the server.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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  1. Strahinja Jacimovic

  2. Posted


  1. MikroElektronika

    I keep getting "Access Denied". Is this no longer working?

    I need access to v4.60

  2. Dalibor


    same question as Forrest Koran...(MikroBasic)

    And where I can see which versions do exist?

    THX in advance

  3. Forrest Koran

    Can you provide a link to version 5.8.0 of Mikrobasic for dsPIC?

    Would it be possible to change the permissions on to allow for viewing the files in that directory?