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Programming MINI-32 for PIC32MZ

There are two ways of programming the MINI-32 for PIC32MZ.

One of them is using the PGC,PGD,MCLR lines and the other one using our USB HID Bootloader tool.

However, in order to be able to program it via bootloader, you have to load the bootloader first.

So, let's explain how to load the bootloader using Mikroprog.

5 lines are needed:

PGC - Clock line of the serial data interface 

PGD - Serial data line 

MCLR - Master Clear Pin External Reset

VCC - Positive power input to the PIC

GND - Negative power input to the PIC and the zero volts reference for the remaining signals 

Connect them in the following order:

PGC to RB6

PGD to RB7

MCLR to Reset pin

VCC to 3.3V


After connecting, you can then program your MINI-32 as you desire.

You can also program the bootloader so you can use the HID Bootloader software to program it in a much easier and time efficient way.

Once you have loaded the bootloader, just open up the USB HID Bootloader app directly from the compiler, load the hex file and program your MINI-32.

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