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Extended Instruction Set

Extended Instruction Set for the PIC18 family is not supported by the compiler.

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  1. Filip Jankovic

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    Pascal compiler for PIC32. Are trying to use pi with extended format, but it comes out as a 24bit value.

    program exper;
    var pie : extended;
        uta, utb, utc : array[23] of char;
      pie := pi;
      ExtendedToStr(pie, uta); {3.141592741012573    this is a 24 bit value}
      pie :=                                    3.1415926535897932384626433832795; {good value}
      ExtendedToStr(pie, utb); {3.141592741012573    still a 24 bit value}
      pie := pie                           - 0.00000008742278;    {difference from good value}
      pie := pie                           - 0.0000000000000035;  {needed to get lsb to 0x18 }
      ExtendedToStr(pie, utc); {3.141592653589793    }
    end.  { Main program }

    Is seems that constants are trunkated to 24bit real before they are put into code.